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Bushidokai International is a Mixed martial Arts system incorporating modern practical techniques combined with the well-practiced traditional training techniques the martial arts are renowned for throughout history. Our focus of developing character through the Budo practice of the martial arts and instilling values such as self-discipline, character, manners, respect and tenacious pursuit of quality are the foundation to our system.

The Bushidokai programs include a comprehensive syllabus of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing and Kobudo (Traditional weapons).



Our approach is that when you commence your Bushidokai journey, we’re on that journey together. As such, it’s imperative you feel confident at each step on the journey and that you are encouraged, challenged, engaged and tested throughout the journey so we can both be proud of each achievement and celebrate each of your achievements along the way, together.

We offer a suite of learning options that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. Together we work towards changing the perspective of each challenge. That’s how we ensure your success.



With decades assisting individuals, business owners, executives and SME corporates to achieve greater success as martial artists, individuals and professionals, we know what it takes to reach the top, stay there and the challenges you face.

Our student's achievements are central to our drive for success as a world class Martial Arts teaching system. We take both individuals and enterprises well beyond their initial target goals to embed next level success mindset. Our ramp up process will empower you by outfitting you with the tools you need to succeed in every endeavour you choose. Talk to us today about how we can implement a sustainable, result driven program and put you on a solid track to realising your true potential.

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